Factsheet: Dating/Hookup Abuse and grounds sex Assault among Japanese and Pacific Islander teens

A collection of records and numbers on a relationship punishment and sex-related assault affecting API adolescents and teens

Relating Methods

Romance Assault in Five California Asian United States Towns: Intergenerational Risk and Improving Factors

This research examines issues and defensive things in five Asian US forums: Cambodian, Chinese, Korean, North Indian Hindu, and Pakistani Muslim. Elements incorporate social traditions, norms, mindsets and beliefs, specifically around sex duties, intergenerational group mechanics, close relationships, and methods to child-rearing. This study concerned 23 semi-structured emphasis people (163 utter players) to assemble the views of youth/young grownups, folks, area forerunners, and service providers in six various languages within the five forums.

Just how and general feedback tend to be Impacting Japanese and Pacific Islander Survivors of residential physical violence and sex Assault

This consultative clarifies just how the episode is definitely influencing Japanese and Pacific Islander (API) survivors of domestic physical violence and sexual attack, and explains procedures enacted to deal with the pandemic for example the CARES operate, and API and immigrant survivors’ eligibility for the systems and https://www.datingmentor.org/ohio-columbus-dating/ treatments offered in the legislation, and also the implications of making use of the work. The Advisory likewise discusses the effect of organized replies into situation and so the one-of-a-kind conditions that API survivors encounter that techniques must account for to support survivor basic safety inside epidemic.

Information and facts & figures Report: residential Violence in Asian and Pacific Islander houses, 2020

Report from circulated and unpublished scientific studies on occurrance of use, home-based violence, different abuse, conduct towards local physical violence, assist pursuing thinking and reviews, provider application, health and psychological state result, contact with group physical violence in youth, and domestic brutality associated homicides.

Factsheet: residential assault, sex Violence, and personal Trafficking in local Hawaiian forums, 2020

Numbers, and all about home-based brutality, and real trafficking in local Hawaiian forums

Domestic and household physical violence in Hmong towns, 2019

Demographic info, report, and guides on residential brutality, erectile assault, and other sorts of misuse in Hmong forums

Evidence-Informed Practices to Offer Asian/Pacific Islander Home Physical Violence Survivors, 2018

To deal with the residential violence dynamics and developments in API communities, supporters has designed training dependent on an intimate comprehension of his or her neighborhoods while the demands of API survivors. This presentation recognizes the differing dynamics and recent residential brutality styles API immigrant and refugee survivors become dealing with. It will depict the A-Z Advocacy Model’s stock of evidence-informed techniques and the foundational ideas that anchor this particular version.

Concept Sheet: Pacific Islanders and local & intimate physical violence, 2018

a compilation of stats on domestic brutality, sex-related assault, trafficking, and help-seeking.

Home-based assault and intimate attack from inside the Pacific Islander area, 2017

Erin Thomas, Asian/Pacific Islander local brutality reference venture (DVRP) An overview of the geographical, traditional, ethno-linguistic, and national assortment of Pacific Islander areas; historic stress; and GBV developments.

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