Hannah says she rapidly sense awkward utilizing the Vlog team users.

The videos recorded the evening that Hannah states she is assaulted observe a classic Dobrik vlog formatting. The 4 mins and 20 seconds prolonged and includes a high profile cameo and funny views including Dobrik’s pals.

Zeglaitis looks 2 moments and 13 a few seconds in, based on a copy associated with video reviewed by Insider. “I welcomed these babes up to bring a five-some,” he states, meaning he’ll have sex with four lady immediately. “Thus with luck , I’ll need a five-some tonight.”

The other try is actually of Hannah and her family walking into the condo on Entertainment and Highland, exactly where Dobrik, Zeglaitis, and various other Vlog group customers happen to be compiled.

Once she moved within the entrance, Hannah claimed, an individual pressed a cam inside her look. She’s one line of discussion inside videos: and just wild while she and her family sit regarding the recliner, Hannah are seen exclaiming she doesn’t in fact know which people when you look at the Vlog group try.

“Get your fuck out and about!” Vlog team representative Nash yells as a result as anyone laughs. In real life, Hannah states she missed the banter funny. At one escort babylon Peoria IL point, she claimed, Nash, who was 45 at the time, manufactured a comment such as “Oh, that you have a personality? Very hot girls just like you frequently never.”

“we instantly felt truly unpleasant because Having been under the impression which are browsing satisfy these cool designers, we had been gonna go out, perhaps film some thing,” Hannah advised Insider. “it absolutely was questionable as soon as most of us went in.”

Hannah along with her pal Sarah, that caused all around the suite, advised Insider people never intended to have team sexual intercourse with Zeglaitis that day, a hesitancy reflected from inside the vlog. With his voiceover, Dobrik says, “After some hour of mentioning, it was clear there is no five-some occurring.” But, Dobrik extra, “by some swing of luck and master bargaining, Dom created advance.

Hannah instructed Insider that this bimbo noticed pressed by Zeglaitis along with more Vlog group members into supporting them setup posts that objectified the girl. She explained Zeglaitis got changes interacting with Hannah along with her partners, and the man removed her onto his own lap at one point without requesting consent.

“It was really a setting wherein they felt like declaring ‘no’ had not been acceptable,” Hannah said. “It decided from the moment we all arrived there was clearly an expectation which they comprise carrying out all of us a favor so we needed to provide them with content. They certainly were vocally, like, ‘Why aren’t you becoming enjoyable? Want to do something kind of alluring.'”

Hannah explained Zeglaitis established dialing the lady “baby” and asking this lady if she thought about being their “Instagram gf.” She said Zeglaitis informed her she might make $10,000 each week and start to become widely known if she assented, but Hannah states she reduced and Zeglaitis shortly seemed to progress from the lady.

Because the night proceeded, Hannah claims Zeglaitis became intense

A while later, Hannah believed Zeglaitis reached their again and questioned if the guy could confer with the. She established and explained Zeglaitis led the woman out from the area their contacts comprise in, down a hallway, and into a pitch-black bed.

Hannah states Zeglaitis “guided” the girl in by the house, and she mentioned she fast reversed and told him that this broad wanted to return to wherein this lady relatives are. But Zeglaitis clogged the leave with his torso, Hannah mentioned, and begin asking them why she did not like him or her and wouldn’t evening him or her. Hannah explained Zeglaitis requested whenever they could “hook upward.” She responded “No,” she informed Insider.

“he had been, like, ‘No, a person no less than have got to give me a touch,” Hannah said. “I happened to be getting actually afraid since he had not been allowing myself write, my friends comprise in a completely different area of the home. I used to be, like, ‘What happens if I carry on saying no?’ So I merely presented him a kiss.”

She went back to in which this lady pals are sitting down, she said, and around that period she explained several people in the Vlog team came back with a container of dark-colored alcohol.

Trisha Paytas, a former Vlog Squad member, instructed Insider she is at the condo for up to 45 moments that day with Hannah and her partners. Paytas claimed the night am “wii circumstance.” She claimed she leftover because the lady were drinking while underage, which thought “insane” to this lady. Paytas in addition believed the women got evident they wouldn’t want to have class sexual intercourse with Zeglaitis.

“these people were, like, ‘Oh stool: we are here, but do not wish to have intercourse,'” Paytas mentioned.

Paytas informed Insider that Vlog group associate Jeff Wittek went to go buy alcohol your gathering after she explained Nash, their boyfriend at the moment, to not. Paytas mentioned she and Nash remaining before Wittek got back.

Paytas and Nash aren’t online dating, and this lady has regularly criticise Dobrik and Nash on social media optimisation, most notably for just what she says is definitely a pattern of habit that exploits women. She also had a TikTok stating that she when damaged this model car into Nash’s residence while on top of meth. Dobrik’s followers posses challenged Paytas’ credibility, contains by mentioning the girl reputation of damaging blogs about Dobrik and Nash.

Hannah’s buddy Sarah, who mentioned she didn’t drink in that day because she would be travel, assured Insider she remembers Todd Smith requesting the club what kind of beer individuals preferred. Sarah likewise stated she recalls Handly and Wittek returning toward the residence with Black retaining a bottle of Jack Daniel’s whiskey. Sarah contributed a photo with Insider of Zeglaitis seated with Hannah and her good friends alongside a container of Jack Daniel’s and a 2-liter package of Pepsi.

In a call with Insider, Wittek declined buying the alcoholic beverages and stated the man don’t envision Brown might have purchased either, though he claimed Grey “loves whiskey.”

“at this time, i cannot really keep in mind very much,” Hannah stated. “Not long ago I don’t forget becoming really irritating being truly truly upset and aggravated that my friends considered this option happened to be great and they’re really and truly just objectifying and gross.”

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